JM Bullion (

JMBullion is a fairly new online precious metals dealer located in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. that has been in operation only since September, 2011. Their products comprise gold, silver and platinum bullion rounds, coins and bars.


Gold bars ranging from one gram to ten-ounce ingots, produced by reknowned swiss refineries, by the Royal Canadian mint and by other private mints.
Gold coins, including all the sovereign ones from the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, South Africa, Austria and China.
Silver bars ranging from one ounce to 100 ounces. All the many bars offered are from private mints with the exception of the RCM 100oz bar and PAMP suisse 1oz bar.
Their silver coins include all the popular ones like the American Eagle, the Maple Leaf, the Chinese Panda et al. They also offer bags of circulated silver coins (40% or 90% silver), as well as a very wide choice of silver rounds from private mints.
They also offer a very large selection of certified coins that come with varying premiums.

Platinum bars from one gram, five grams to one ounce, from swiss refineries.
One-ounce American Platinum Eagle coin.

Delivery / Storage

JM Bullion offers free shipping on all orders (minimum order $100) across the continental United States. However, if you wish to store your gold for an IRA investment, the company will arrange to have your gold shipped to an IRA-approved depository of your choice.

Offshore storage

The company does not offer offshore storage.


JM Bullion has some of the lowest prices online. For example, a Credit Suisse 10oz gold bar is offered currently at $12,741.50, which is only $21.35 above the spot price per ounce. And in silver, a 100oz Sunshine Mint silver bar is offered at $1,951, or $0.64 above the spot price per ounce.

Payment options

Payments can be made by personal checks (less than $10,000), via bank wire transfer (from $2,500 to $100,000) or by credit card (maximum $5,000). Payments by checks or via wire transfer will bring an additional 4% discount. Secure online privacy for transactions is guaranteed
Currencies accepted : US dollars



>> Wide selection of bullion products in silver
>> Free shipping on all orders
>> IRA Program


>> Absence of an offshore storage solution
>> Only us dollars accepted


If you wish to own some precious metals in small quantities and are not worried about storage at home or in a bank, JM Bullion will serve that purpose very well. However, if you are looking to invest more heavily in precious metals, you should consider offshore storage for ultimate protection against counterparty risks or confiscation.